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This is the home for Alica Knight's work on the internet. 

I write, and I publish, paranormal romance. My main project at the moment is the Rakshasa series.


- What is the Rakshasa series?

Rakshasa is a serial novel, published every two or three weeks. Each episode is approximately 10,000 words and (at least within each book) each part follows the next, with a brief recap at the beginning. It's much like a TV show: the characters show up, do something that advances the plot, and then it's dun dun dun, next time on Rakshasa!. It's all very dramatic.

- Who works on Rakshasa?

Me. I write it, I create the cover art, I publish it. Big shout out to Sulenna Nicholson, though, who proofreads each part before I publish it. I couldn't do it without her.

And of course, thank you to all who read it.

- What is a Rakshasa?

A Rakshasa is a mythical Indian monster with the ability to turn into a hybrid man-animal beast. They were vicious, cunning, man-eating and could never be trusted.

At least, according to legend.

The Rakshasa in the Rakshasa series are very similar to those in the legends, but their power is more diluted. They can only appear in forms that resemble tiger-striped humans (at least, so far), but each one is unique. Each possesses one or more special gifts beyond their strength, their power and their speed.

Sometimes a bond can be formed between two Rakshasa, even of opposing clans. It's a powerful, intimate bond where the two share a space in their dreams.

Libby and Ishan are one such couple.

I have an idea for the next book and I want to tell you about it!

Look, I'm going to be totally honest. Most writers avoid ideas like this because they are worried about consciously or subconsciously taking ideas and getting sued for them, or even something as simple as "I was already going to do that" and getting sued.

If you submit plot suggestions, ideas, whatever to me, it's under the implicit assumption you're not going to do that. If it's something I really liked I'll give you a shoutout in the back, or something like that, but I want to engage with my readers and suggestions is part of that engagement. Don't make me regret this decision. Please.

- Can I write Rakshasa fanfiction?

OH GOD YES. And yes, you may sell it and keep all the cash, as long as you make it very clear that it's fanfiction and credit me appropriately. Otherwise, shine on you shining diamond.

- Can I write erotic Rakshasa fanfiction?

I put no restrictions on what you can write and publish, as long as you make it clear whatever you create is fanfiction and credited appropriately.

- When's the next book coming out?

With Book One complete, I'm taking a month off to recharge the batteries. Book Two hits the ground running on February 20th, with the first part of Book Two, Rakshasa: Moonlight. A sneak peek of the cover can be seen on the right hand column.

- What can you tell us about yourself?

Honestly, I am fairly uninteresting. Single (boo), Australian and living in Canberra, a writer but other things in past lives. If you want to ask me any questions, you can email me at "alica" at lacunaverse.com, but I will say one thing:

Alica Knight is a pen name.

- What else do you write?

I have other projects under pen names, but in order to preserve the mystique (hah!) I keep them a very poorly guarded secret. It's easier this way.

- I am a publisher and I wish to shower you in diamonds!

This is one of those dreams where you go to school with no pants on, right?

At the time of writing the print rights to Rakshasa are being managed in Turkey, but are available in other locations. If you wish to inquire about the print or eBook rights, feel free to send through offers.

- Where can I get in contact with you, or get updates about new writing stuff?

You can:

* Watch this page!
* Email me at "alica" at lacunaverse.com
* Like my Facebook page HERE.
* Sign up to my mailing list HERE.

- What can I do to help you?

Keep reading, buy the parts as they come out... and whenever you finish a part, leave an honest review on the book's product page, or on your own personal blog if you have one.

Leaving reviews really helps me out a great deal and I read every single one, even the nasty ones.

- I'm a book reviewer. Can I have free copies of your book?

If you have an active book review blog or are looking to start one, or you're an Amazon Vine reviewer, I can hook you up with books. All I ask is that your reviews be honest, even if they're negative, and if you could cross-post the review on Amazon that would help me out a great deal. Email me at alica at lacunaverse.com. :)



Rakshasa Part I
Libby the Loser. That's what everyone used to call me behind my back. I wasn't popular, I wasn't strong, I wasn't brave.

All that changed after a chance encounter in a Canberra nightclub. Afterward, I began to dream; dream I was something else. A powerful creature of muscles and claws, something powerful and confident and everything I wasn't.

I dreamed I was in love with a man I'd barely met.

The dream world is a beautiful, wondrous place, but there's a shadow in my dreams. An eclipse, broken with a gunshot. Then I wake up.

Now my dreams are coming true. My body is changing for real. I'm shedding Libby the Loser like an old skin. I'm growing into something else.

But there are others. Others like me, and they don't get along. People are disappearing. People are dying.

The shadow is falling over the real world, too, and everything has changed.

Available for Kindle HERE!

Rakshasa Part II: Aurora
He found me.

I don't know how he found me but he did. The Champawat Tiger... a hunter, a killer. A Rakshasa like me, but not like me.

The story continues and I continue to grow, to discover who I truly am. To learn more about the man I love. I am an Altaican, he a Rewa. This divide conspires to keep us apart. That pain is worse than any wound.

The dark shadow spreads over me and spills out, tainting everything I love. And the killer, stalking me always, continues his hunt.

Available for Kindle HERE!

Rakshasa Part IV: Tigerheart

He took Katelyn.

My best friend is missing, taken from me, her life in the hands of a killer. The Rakshasa are strong. We're confident. We're powerful. But the Champawat Tiger has found a weakness, a crack in the armour of our kind; our attachment to humans, to those we care about.

Our friends.

The killer casts a wide net and I fear for Katelyn's safety, but there are worse things coming for Ishan and I, things that pain me more than words can say.

The shadow is coming. With it, the end of everything I know.

Available on Kindle HERE!

Rakshasa Part IV: Shadowfall

To face the rising sun is to have shadows fall behind you. The sun is bright, and my shadow is long.

Katelyn won't wake up.

Summer has passed and it is winter now in my dreams. Our shared place, our heart, is covered in a thick layer of ice, a barrier the heat of our love cannot warm.

Hope exists in the form of an immortal prophet, but leaving my home has risks, too.

Prophecy and visions, the living and the dead, the sun and the moon. Now I know of the end, and what it will cost me to save us all.

Available on Kindle HERE!

Rakshasa Part V: Eternity
My fear, my power, my doubt, my strength, my heart.

It's all come down to this.

Everything that I am rests in the balance. Ishan is a breath away from oblivion, Katelyn's life slips away from her and the existence of my entire species is in my hands.

The eclipse is here and I have but one way to prevent it.

I'll die knowing that Ishan will live. I'll give him the greatest gift: a piece of myself, permanently left in his heart.

I just hope that it's enough.

Available on Kindle HERE!

Rakshasa: The Complete Book I
Here's the complete, first book as one whole package (and you save $ by getting it in bulk, too!).

It consists of the following parts:

- Rakshasa
- Rakshasa: Aurora
- Rakshasa: Tigerheart
- Rakshasa: Shadowfall
- Rakshasa: Eternity

Rakshasa: Moonlight
It's raining outside and the all the world is bathed in moonlight. My wounds are healing, the eclipse has passed and the Champawat Tiger is no longer in my life. Ishan and I are safe. Things are simple. Life is good.

Why do things never stay simple, and why does life never stay good?
New dangers, new threats present themselves, enemies who do not forgive and do not forget, but the greater danger comes from my own kind. Bitter rivals Rewa and Altaica find their hatred catching fire, a conflagration that threatens to drive apart the fragile peace and tear Ishan and I apart forever.

Available on Kindle HERE!

Rakshasa: Conflagration
War comes for us. The Altaican Rakshasa face the Rewa, and the seclusion of our underground home in the Brindabellas is not enough to keep the darkness at bay. The storm gathers all around us; the shadow of war, its fingers long, reaches into our lives.

It is a war we know we cannot win.

The conflagration, a raging fire, looms over my world. It is building, coming, and the seeds of this terrible thing are already in motion. The shadowy underworld of the Rakshasa churns as Shade takes control of the Rewa, leading them against us.

Now it is Hailstone and I alone, but things are more complicated than they seem...
Available on Kindle HERE!

A paranormal erotica story set in the Rakshasa universe!

Most humans have no idea what it's like to miss a meal, let alone endure the vampire's thirst. I can't possibly begin to describe it—anyone who says they can is lying—but I can tell you this. 

It's the worst thing you can possibly imagine.

This is why I kill. I drink the blood of the living to ward off that thirst, that need, and I make no apologies for it.

The need for blood is a powerful one, but I have other needs too. Remnants of who I was when I was alive. I like music. I like art. I like a nice warm bed to sleep in, preferably one that's filled.

Tonight I'm hunting for more than just blood.
Available on Kindle HERE!

Rakshasa: Divergence
The time for bold and decisive action draws near. My life is in ruins, but I have a plan. A plan hatched in desperation and with little foresight, but it is a plan. 

And while the world around me churns with confusion, anger, violence... my life heads towards a divergence. There is only room enough for two in my dreams, and this private place is too crowded. 

Soon I must choose. 

I have new friends, new allies, but I don't know who to trust. Everything is backwards. Rewa, Altaica, these labels matter less and less. All that matters is who will stand with me. 

And what I choose.

Available on Kindle HERE!